Play a no-button, fun, roguelite where you face endless hordes of enemies! It is a bullet-hell showdown!

With a unique no-button game play, just move your mouse to get your player moving in the direction. Your player will auto shoot.

Try to survive as long as you can against the variety of enemies.

Collect health pick-up and also the rare Nuke to send alll enemies to their doom!

Planned for future updates:

  • Level progression system
  • Power up's after each section
  • Variety of environments
  • Environment Hazards
  • Major bosses
  • More enemy types
  • More pickups (better weapons, boosts)


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good game, not a rouglite, tho

excellent game

Still just as amazing as the initial release. Looks so clean. Great job

Haha... thanks dude! Its actually the same as initial release, just that I realised somehow the web build went missing or I did not upload it previously :D

Still loving it. Great work!

excelente videojuego, le doy 4/5