A settlement-building mechanics mixed with tower defense aspects, gather resources and defend your Burg from the invaders! 

Collect resources to increase your population, but be sure to have enough food in your keep or your people will die from starving. Defend your precious relics from the plundering invaders by placing towers, traps and training armies to protect your Burg.


  • Compact city building mechanics with 2 building type to utilize and manage (Resources and Defense). Place resource building efficiently and deploy defense mechanism strategically.
  • Basic economy implementation, population consumes food and buildings requires wood.
  • Random generated maps and resources placement.
  • Population Routines and Professions. Dynamically assign your people as a soldier, woodcutter or farmer.
  • Classic tower-defense mechanism reimagined: make sure no invader steal your gems! if you ran out of gems its game over.
  • Roguelike mechanism, how long can you repel the invaders?

UI Explanation and Controls

  • Everything are controlled by mouse. Click on an empty land you wish to build on. Then choose on the sidebar on the right to select things to be built. Click on resource building and press (+) to assign villagers to gather resources relevant to the building, or press (-) to disband them, adding them to the idling population.
  • The bottom panel consists of messages box on the left, burg wealth represented by gems on the center, and general resources on the right side of it. Right panel consisted of building menu and info section on how many population are working on what errands.


  • The game title "Northburg" is derived from an anglo-saxonic word of /burg/: village. and /Norþ/: which is self explanatory, fitting that the game challenges the player to defend a saxon-inspired burg from the viking invasions


Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorsBill, ray_ark
GenreStrategy, Survival
Made withGDevelop, PixiJS
TagsCity Builder, Management, Real time strategy, Tower Defense
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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I got to day 24 with pop 41. 

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Love it. Old school, no hand holding, just play win or lose !


If you remove people from their station too quickly, they end up breaking the game... Cause the game will treat them as if they've died, but it'll still say that they are there, and they will, visually, be stuck on the house, but you can't relocate them to any other house beacause of "too little population"

Otherwise a neat little game


Great game, but I wish that there were walls. and, like Madhoux, I wish I could destroy buildings. other than that, thought that it was a really cool game. looking forward to updates


Cool game, but I wish it had better onboarding. I didn't really know what I was supposed to do, when would the enemies attack or any of the rules. Not much was happening after day 9 so I built more houses to have a bigger population and out of the blue I lost because I didnt have any more food and I didnt know it was a thing or a win/lose condition.

The art is great. Nice achievement for a gamejam game.


Awesome game buds! Destroy option for buildings and sound enable/disable option should have come on next patch. After you release the full game, i will definetely buy it! Well done. :)


Very fun, please continue with this one after the jam! Works on mobile too!


Amazing game!!
just an issue I had while playing, I pressed Tab by accident and it paused the game, but then I couldn't dismiss the pause screen, I could still click around and when i tried to click retry, it restarted the game with the pause interface still on screen.


Hi Rayan,

Thank you for playing and the feedback. 

Apologies about the tab issue... we should have stated "Press Tab To Resume" in the pause screen. Will convey this better in future updates. 


that game is amazing! I really liked the soundtrack!

Thank you for the feedback Daniel. Hope you had fun.

Deleted 1 year ago

Haha.. hope the kid in you was brought out to play it now :D Thank you for playing and feedback!


this is just the best! 🤧 this game is so good, so neat, and I can't believe this was only done within a short span of days. I'm a big fan of kingdom building games and I gotta say this one's got the juice. It's so good. It's so good.❤

Thank you for your kind words! will appreciate any feedback too :)


the game works its charm. there's nothing wrong I could say about it really. its just the lack of content for now. not that it really lacks content but I'm just not satisfied I want more of it. the current state feels like an appetizer and I'm really hungry for more!! It's like a teaser.😫 Imagine if there were more units and more buildings and more enemies and more complex production chains! arrgghh I can't hahaha. you're my winner. I admit defeat before this majestic game. ☺


Very pretty art!


Thank you! Ray (https://twitter.com/ray_ervian) is a wizard with graphics!


Absolutely stunning!


Thank you very much for trying out the game and the feedback!